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When we started this challenge we had no idea this was going to be such a terrible flu season, explained Heather Mercer, Arkansas Immunization Action Coalition Executive Director.

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It hires officers who supervise offenders who have been released on probation or parole.

The Senate also approved funding for some new laboratory equipment for the state Crime Lab, which analyzes forensic evidence and performs autopsies. It deals with salaries and expenses at the Ouachita Unit in Malvern and the women's work release center in Pine Bluff.

The list also included one of many bills that will fund the Human Services Department.

This bill authorized upgrades and construction at the Booneville Human Development Center, which is a long-term care facility for about 125 adults with severe and chronic intellectual disabilities.

On the final day of the fiscal session's first week, the Arkansas state Senate approved a long list of appropriations, which authorize spending by state agencies and institutions of higher education.

This bills included budget bills for the State Police, which will allow the agency to replace aging equipment and upgrade its computer and radio systems.Ten institutions participated- over 850 students reported they received a flu vaccine in fall 2017.Second place in the challenge went to North Arkansas College, followed by Henderson State University.The other FFA advisors are Morgan Frachiseur and John Frachiseur.According to Hanney, there are 88 FFA members at De Queen High School this year.Another spending bill authorized the Department of Community Corrections to renovate facilities and equipment.

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