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During Rose's day of community service, Dimitri shows up to help her, just so he can spend time with her.

He was the third child, being the younger brother of Karolina Belikova and Sonja Belikova, but the older brother of Viktoria Belikova.

Though he was raised in a dhampir commune - residence of blood whores and their offspring - it would seem that he had a loving environment provided by his mother and grandmother, though it was seen that Dimtri's father was abusive towards his mother.

Rose notes that it pains him to lie, but he does it because he has no other choice.

Much later, shortly before the scheduled flight back to the Academy, Dimitri comes to Rhonda's office to collect Rose and Lissa, who had been given tarot readings.

His nickname that Tasha Ozera and his family called him is ' Dimka'.

Dimitri Belikov was born from Dhampir Olena Belikova and an abusive royal Moroi named Randall Ivashkov in Baia, Russia.

Dimitri encounters Rose during his watch of the Academy grounds, after the latter had run out of her dormitory after a disturbing dream caused by Lissa. Shortly, as Dimitri walks Rose back to her dormitory Alberta appears, and Rose is forced to hide in the bushes as Dimitri and Alberta discuss the changes in Dimitri's training times for the next few weeks.

Because Dimitri is going to Victor Dashkov's trial, he must swap training sessions with other guardians.

Just after the novices receive their assignments for the field experience, Dimitri is present with Alberta when Rose comes up to them to complain about her assignment.

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