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As a highly physical creature, the Taurus man can be exceedingly sensual and forms deep attachment while dealing with the purely palpable aspects of lovemaking.Good sex for the Gemini woman, on the other hand, exists more within the realm of the mind, so keeping her physically stimulated may require keeping her mentally excited.She often sees their relationship more as just another among multiple amusements that are orbiting her life at any given moment.

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But this also helps them to complement each other and balance out differences.

A Taurus man is a very quiet and practical person who retains an admirable calm.

There is always a twinkle in their eyes and a melody in their words when they are together.

Each day is a celebration of their togetherness that is so devoted and subtle that it appears no less than a miracle.

The Gemini woman is often too easily distracted by interests that lie outside of the home to put much energy into keeping it neat or cooking gourmet meals.

The Taurus man loves making and saving money, but she knows how to spend it like it is going out of style.She likes it when continuing to flirt with her and by letting her enjoy the feel of his masculine fingers exploring around her body.Since, Taurus man is known for his stamina in lovemaking, and this might be enough to keep her interested long enough for him to learn to stay on his toes and try new things.This keeps their physical involvement ever exciting and increases their intimacy both physically and emotionally.It is a challenge for this duo to survive for a long time.The very portrait of the fluttering social butterfly, the Gemini woman often has a wide range of interests in hobbies.

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