Dating gay monogamous relationship service

For us, it's not about replacing your partner; it's about having a new experience that your partner can't necessarily fulfill.

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We often share pictures of guys we meet on solo adventures, but Tyler's go-to type is a little different from mine, so there's never really any fear of missing out.

Straight people just have a really tough time understanding how it all works.

But the idea that our "soulmate" is someone we should be completely faithful to, 100 percent of the time, can be trickier to shake off.

When I came out at 18, I'd never have thought an open relationship could be right for me.

One night, we were in different cities and both of us ended up meeting a guy we found attractive.

We both wanted to take things to the next level sexually, but knew we couldn't."No sleepovers" is probably our number one rule—Mark can't have someone stay over in his hotel room; I can't have a guy stay over in our loft.I just think it could lead to a level of intimacy that would make me feel uncomfortable.We'd gladly talk about guys we were dating or sleeping with.We visited each other a few times, and after about six months I packed up my stuff and drove from my hometown, Spokane, to live with Mark in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.We're taught from a young age that a "regular" relationship involves a man and a woman enjoying a monogamous bond.

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