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That will lead to other things…Man A: Foot jobs are awesome, but they're not the only thing you can do.

You can worship her feet, which includes kissing, licking, massaging them, sucking her toes, smelling them — if you're into that. For instance, I don't mind giving my girlfriend a foot massage when she asks for one, but sometimes those innocent massages put her in the mood and can turn into something else. Certain positions, such as the ones where you can put her ankles on your shoulders, allow you to lick her feet or suck her toes. Woman A: Early in the relationship, when I gave him a pedicure, he started to keep his feet clean. I always look at his feet whether we are outside or in the house. Man C: Usually I just go for it and if they don’t like it at first we’ll try something different.

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Woman A: I was 20 years old when I went from being a tomboy who didn't really pay attention to my feet to a girly girl who went to the nail salon to get her first pedicure.

I love the arch of a man's foot, how it is masculine with the toes and ankles that are strong with muscle.

Man B: I love nice arches, red nail varnish, flip-flops, nicely pedicured, slender but not too thin, just an all-round well-proportioned foot. If we go out to dinner with friends, he'll put his feet in between my legs and start massaging me. Man A: I've been with women who shared my foot fetish or indulged mine, but they didn't seem interested in receiving a foot job, so I've never given one. Then allow him to put his foot in between your legs and massage each other at the same time.

Generally I like fresh-smelling feet, although I have been known to lick grimy feet in the past to offset the beauty. Man A: As I mentioned before, feet tend to be very soft, so that feels nice.

I'm completely open to letting my partner play with my feet, but the women with foot fetishes I've met either didn't like male feet or were more into having their feet worshiped, so that might never happen. I like to caress them and grip them softly with my hands.

Man B: No, my interest has purely been in other people's (women's) feet. Tease his toes with my lips to kiss, give it soft licks with my tongue and suck it softly to get his attention.

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Woman A: If you are curious about it, explore it with your partner. If your partner takes good care of their feet, give a compliment and caress them. A foot fetish is one of the most innocuous fetishes out there. If you give it a try and discover you like it, then that's great, and if it does nothing to you, at least you'll have a fun/awkward story.

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