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After more than a year of partisanship, pundits, and polls, as well as a seemingly never-ending stream of gaffes, accusations, and distortions, Election Day has finally come and gone.

Contemporary satirists had plenty to work with in this presidential campaign (see Barry Blitt’s most recent magazine cover cartoon based on a Norman Rockwell painting from our collection), just as artists like James Gillray, Francisco Goya, and Honoré Daumier found inspiration in the politics of their own eras.

This exhibition will focus on the works of this celebrated English painter and engraver, well-known for his brilliant satirical prints drawing on the preoccupying themes of his time.

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Everything within this cold and dark room reinforces the fact that the father was an obsessive miser: His portrait above the fireplace portrays him counting money, while hidden coins are dislodged from a crack in the wall by the workman's hammering.

Worse still, to the lower left, we see evidence of one of the father's last miserly acts -- he has cut a sole for his shoe from the leather cover of a Bible!

Near him is an election agent who has been struck on the head by a brick thrown through the window by the Tory mob protesting outside. Canvassing for Votes, from "Four Prints of an Election," 1755. The inn’s sign has been partly covered by another sign that lampoons the Whig candidate, depicting him as the commedia dell’arte character Punch pushing a wheelbarrow full of coins he’s distributing to voters. Prior to joining the AFA, Small was a curator at the Dahesh Museum of Art, where she organized numerous exhibitions, including Napoleon on the Nile: Soldiers, Artists, and the Rediscovery of Egypt and Fantasy & Faith: The Art of Gustave Doré.

Ironically, just beneath this sign stands the Tory candidate buying knick-knacks with which to bribe the girls flirting with him from the inn’s balcony, as well as a farmer being solicited simultaneously by political operatives from both parties. Small has taught art history at Hunter College and Brooklyn College and has been a member of the art history faculty at the School of Visual Arts since 2008.

The millstone around his neck marked 3000 pounds per annum represents the enormous pension he accepted.

While others attempt to put out the flames, Pitt has a bellows to encourage the flames. This may have been the inspiration for Hogarth’s work.

Bonds, mortgages, indentures and other documents lie carelessly at his feet.

To the extreme right we are introduced to the tear ridden and pregnant Sarah Young.

His father has just died and he is being measured for mourning apparel.

To prepare for the funeral, a workman hammers black cloth to the wall in the background.

] Two plates from a series of four, etching and engraving, various sizes Transferred from the reference collection 1973 PROVENANCE Unknown Hogarth's four ‘Election’ pictures, now in Sir John Soane's Museum, were begun around 1754 and completed in 1755 and partly took as their theme the Oxfordshire election of that year.

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