Dating ideas in toronto

Immersed in “The Month of Love” that is February, we wanted to share some of our fave things to do in #thesix sans kiddos (sorry babes), as well as some that are on our hit list of things to try.

Put your couple brains to a challenge and see if you can conquer the Escape Casa Loma experience among the secret passageways, majestic towers, sweeping staircase and 800-foot tunnel.

What other fun dates have you and your partner enjoyed in The Six?

We all go through it, frantically surfing the Internet or asking close friends where to go.

It’s a nerve wracking scenario, and first impressions only happen once. A place where you can feel relaxed and comfortable.

Although energy for “us” is hard to find in parenthood, effort and importance is not.

We feel investing in our marriage matters, and models to our children that tending to our relationship matters, which has benefits to all of us.

Being half Italian and having an IBM (Italian By Marriage), we saw Sebastian Manascalco here on his “Why Would You Do That” Tour – hysterical!

Chris Tucker, Jerry Seinfeld & more are on the event calendar this year.

Not exactly “unique” but uninterrupted conversation and a chance to enjoy a warm meal from start to finish is quite the rare luxury.

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