Dating in your fourties

Imagine a woman has come fresh out of the shower, applied her body lotion (nothing strong or obvious, just softly scented) she then puts on her makeup, and powders her face. Narciso EDP starts with toasty woody notes on top of the musk and gardenia. There is some mentholpowder in the top notes, similar to Biagiotti Roma, and I love that! The gardenia at the top makes it a bit sweet for me. This one is a bit stronger and if I mix it with a greener smelling perfume like Bvlgari's Jasmine Noir, the gardenia gets cut down a notch.

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The nose behind this fragrance is Aurelien Guichard. It's definitely unlike anything you've ever smelled.not in a good way. The silage is overpowering and makes me nauseous because it's so strong.

I purchased this perfume 4 months ago and regret it. I wanted to like it so bad but it didn't work out for me. The fragrance lasts days on your clothes, I couldn't take it.

Fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez became celebrated in the world of perfumes with his debut Narciso Rodriguez For Her from 2003.

That minimalist name and design, as well as musky sensuality adorn his latest olfactory creation that comes out in September of 2014—feminine fragrance Narciso Eau de Parfum.

This note is probably why some people think they smell mothballs..that's just an association! What you get is a sexy, slightly earthy spicy, soft floral musk. Really, this is beautiful, but you have to be into musk, or at least ready to give it a try. I think i like it even more than i like Eau Poudrée. It's a weird pleasure - the florals and musk are really delicious, but something in it half smells like urine. I can't handle it for very long, so a few hours after spraying I'm usually regretting the choice. I didn’t know I’d come for it, and want it like I do. And I also think that this perfume has a similar vibe with Cartier declaration d'un soir (and it's a men's fragrance). This is so delicious I ordered the Musc oil to go with this.

And you have to be open to some new basenotes to expand your scent palate. This one is a soft, light powdery musk combined with a creamy, sweet gardenia with a subtle woody background. That being said, clearly this is long-lasting which is something we love in the fragrance world. Out of all the Narciso scents this one is my favorite.

Now I'm stuck with a brand new large bottle of Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez that I paid over 0 for and will never use it again. One of my most beloved scent this winter 2017-18, I really adore it, but I am afraid I am turning allergic against it.

I am only using two small sparys now, for being able to wear it.

It smells great, isn’t offensive, and has the best floral combo I’ve ever had the joy of smelling. This reminds me so much of the tuberose of Cacharel Lou Lou. I love perfumes with musk and floral with woody notes and this one is just that. The dry down is more beautiful than the first spray. Narciso Rodriguez creates some of the most sophisticated and feminine fragrances today. Rubber and marshmallows for the first 45 minutes or so. Musk is one of those notes that really has to blend with my skin before it comes into being and after I wait out the weirdness it coalesces into the intoxicatingly magical "Narciso Musk Experience." This one isn't my favorite, but I have yet to try one that I don't like; and they all have at least a bit of "wrist crack" for me.

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