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Pricing is affected by the specific platform used, duration of membership, desired features, and promotions.The industry is fragmented and highly competitive with key factors of competition being brand recognition, size of a site’s user base, search and filtering features, word of mouth advertising, product features, ease of use, and past successes on a platform.

Dating industry revenue

The industry dynamics which we’ll examine prevent Match Group from being a true franchise business, in my opinion, but I think there are some key factors that support the view that Match has a strong competitive position with potential to grow over time.

I’ll offer three characteristics to support this claim: (1) dominance in online dating, (2) operating leverage and potential for pricing power, and (3) Tinder mindshare. Market share is a key consideration in determining whether a franchise business exists, and Match Group ranks favorably.

Campbell Award, the Conservation Award, People’s Choice Award and Best in Show.

On November 27, 2009, the firm drew the attention of the Swedish press for denying collective bargaining rights to employees at their Stockholm store by making all 38 workers redundant and re-hiring them through employment agency Academic Work.

is an American multinational lifestyle retail corporation headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It operates in the United States, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Sweden, United Kingdom and Spain.

The declining stigma, coupled with the all-time lowest rate of marriage in U. history, mean that Match's portfolio of products could be reaching an inflection point for demand.

Massive short interest and other major concerns make this the highest-risk investment in my portfolio, and one to which I’m allocating a relatively low percentage of investment capital.

A dominant market presence, potential for growing operating leverage, and consumer mindshare solidify its competitive position.

Young daters growing up on Tinder and related services could effectively eliminate the stigma of online dating within the next decade-plus timeframe.

Although Match Group doesn’t occupy my Prime Portfolio, I’ll structure the analysis in the same way as that format fits the company’s story quite well.

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