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Married couple Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart have a child, but with a 22 age year difference, Ford could have been Flockhart's own dad. Of course, Demi Moore ditched Bruce Willis for a man 16 years her younger.

Ashton Kutcher was her boy toy before he moved on to a similarly-aged Mila Kunis, but he would have been a newborn at Moore's Sweet Sixteen party.

There are so many factors that test your compatibility that you really have to weigh your options and think twice about any kind of relationship you get into, let alone relationships with an age difference.

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That's right, we're looking at you, Hugh Hefner and Woody Allen.

But hey, as Hef's ex-girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson said, when asked how on earth she was dating an ancient human being, "age ain't nothin' but a number." So check out this list of celeb couples with epic age gaps.

List of famous couples with the greatest age differences.

Enjoy these pictures of celebrities whose significant others are young enough to be their kids or old enough to be their grandfathers.

Dating or marrying someone decades older or younger isn't exclusive to Hollywood, but, as evidenced by this list, it's pretty damn prevalent.

We build our entire life with plans and checklists. But almost all the time, we realize too late that love is blind. But with the unpredictability of love comes the uncertainty of confusing emotions.

Sometimes, the age difference between two lovers makes no difference.

But almost all the time, age difference can play a big role in the success of a relationship.

Or is Lady Gaga on your playlist while your partner prefers Pearl Jam?

While these little details can seem cute at first, it can create serious differences that can end a relationship once you’re both past the infatuation.

Are you an early sleeper while your partner stays awake till dawn?

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