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Mc Kay’s research verifies that drinking water with high levels of naturally occurring fluoride is associated with low dental caries and a high degree of mottled enamel. Trendley Dean determines the ideal level of fluoride in drinking water to substantially reduce decay without mottling.1938 - Alvin Strock inserts the first Vitallium dental screw implant.

Vitallium, the first successful biocompatible implant metal, had been developed a year earlier by Charles Venable, an orthopedic surgeon.1940’s -Also visit the following pages: Dental History Picture Galleries More facts & stories The story of dentistry: Ancient origins Archaeological evidence of the dentistry of antiquity suggests that treatment included medical methods of combating dental affections, mechanical means of treatment such as retentive prosthesis and the art of applying artificial substitutes for lost dental structures.

Crawford Long, a physician, later claims he used ether as an anesthetic in an operation as early as 1842, but he did not publish his work.1855 - Robert Arthur originates the cohesive gold foil method allowing dentists to insert gold into a cavity with minimal pressure.

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This includes practical information about dentistry such as tooth extraction and the treatment of tooth decay and jaw fractures.1683 - Pierre Fauchard, a French surgeon publishes The Surgeon Dentist, A Treatise on Teeth (Le Chirurgien Dentiste).

Fauchard is credited as being the Father of Modern Dentistry because his book was the first to describe a comprehensive system for the practice of dentistry including basic oral anatomy and function, operative and restorative techniques, and denture construction.

The greatly reduced incidence of caries among these children gives impetus to the dental hygienist movement. Fones, first to use the term “dental hygienist,” becomes known as the Father of Dental Hygiene.1924 - American Dental Assistants Association is founded by Juliette Southard and her female colleagues.

Female dental assistants were first hired in the 19th century when “Lady in Attendance” signs were routinely seen in the windows of dental offices. Mc Kay, a Colorado dentist, is convinced that brown stains (mottling) on his patients’ teeth are related to their water supply.

St Apollonia the Patron Saint of Dentistry, meant to heal pain derived from tooth infection.

St Apollonia is popularly invoked against the toothache because of the torments she had to endure.

S., opens in Boston, marking the ascendancy of the modern commercial dental laboratory. Credited with making orthodontics a dental specialty, Angle also establishes the first school of orthodontics (Angle School of Orthodontia in St. volume treatise Operative Dentistry, which remains the essential clinical dental text for fifty years.

Black later develops techniques for filling teeth, standardizes operative procedures and instrumentation, develops an improved amalgam, and pioneers the use of visual aids for teaching dentistry.1913 -seven women graduates of the first class are employed by the Bridgeport Board of Education to clean the teeth of school children.

quackery was still widespread and charlatans were a common part of rural life.

Only the very wealthy could afford the skilled 'operator for the teeth'.

His book also includes the statement that sugar derivate acids such as tartaric acid are responsible for dental decay.1746 - Josiah Flagg, a prominent American dentist, constructs the first chair made specifically for dental patients.

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