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Amazing Familiarity[ edit ] One of the most important members of the direction relative is the Appropriate Orchid, which comes in two spotlight, Coryanthes speciosa and Stanhopea grandiflora.

Moreover, two new orchid fossils described in 2009 have not yet been incorporated in a molecular dating analysis.

Here we compare the ages of major orchid clades estimated under two widely used methods, a Bayesian relaxed clock implemented in BEAST and Penalized Likelihood implemented in r8s.

These results exemplify the potential influence of methodology on age estimations.

In this study we aim at reassessing the temporal origin and diversification of Orchidaceae, using the Bayesian uncorrelated relaxed molecular clock approach implemented in BEAST.

In addition to choosing a different dating method, we conduct a new analysis on an expanded taxon sampling by adding two internal calibration points in the orchid phylogeny.

We base these calibrations on fossil leaves described subsequent to the study by Ramirez ].

The temporal origin and diversification of orchids (family Orchidaceae) has been subject to intense debate in the last decade.

The description of the first reliable fossil in 2007 enabled a direct calibration of the orchid phylogeny, but little attention has been paid to the potential influence of dating methodology in obtaining reliable age estimates.

The diversification of appears even more correlated to late Tertiary climatic fluctuations than previously suggested.

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