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The company buys both post-industrial or post-commercial. Advances in plastics are helping Americans save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease waste.

Because plastics are such a valuable resource, the Plastics Division is leading efforts to “reduce, reuse, recycle and recover,” through outreach, education and access to advances in recycling technology.

This includes import and export services via ocean to all global destinations.

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Building on a tradition of engineering excellence dating back to 1957, AEC offers a wide variety of products ranging from size reduction equipment, material handling, and heat transfer solutions.

AEC delivers efficient and reliable solutions for a wide range of industries including: plastics processing, chemical applications, and recycling operations.

The company’s strict QA measures, allow for the ability to offer customers to purchase a wide range of commodity and engineering resins as an affordable alternative to prime resins. is rated as one of the biggest plastics traders in North America.

The firm owns AQSIQ licenses and stands as a qualified exporter of plastics scrap to China and ships to Hong Kong as well as Southeast Asia. The American Chemistry Council's Plastics Division represents leading companies dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow through plastics.

ADG offers Davis-Standard ram and wide-mouth recycling extruders.

In the United States, it manufactures the CFO filter, a self-cleaning filter for heavily contaminated materials.

In both of these roles, Adams maintains a green profile, with the aim of maximizing the amount of plastic that is reused and not relegated to landfills.

As the clients get to know the owner and employees of Adams, they understand the company’s devotion to its suppliers and customers, and that they live by their creed to provide “more than you think.” ADG Solutions provides systems for scrap-to-pellet plastics recycling and other technologically advanced equipment for plastics reclaim, both post-consumer and industrial.

ACE Plastics Inc recycles post-consumer and post-industrial plastic scrap.

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