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The original Indian trade blankets were the multi-striped point blankets imported by the Hudson’s Bay Company from English woolen mills.From 1780 to 1890 the point blanket was a staple in every fur trader’s inventory and thousands upon thousands found their way into indigenous hands.

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The Indian traders promptly invented a new textile – the Navajo rug.

It was a much heavier textile than the traditional Navajo wearing blanket and designed specifically for the floors of non-Indian homes.

Pendleton began producing Indian blankets again in 1947 but drastically reduced the numbers of patterns they produced.

ARE THE BLANKETS PEOPLE COLLECT FORMERLY OWNED BY INDIANS? The blanket companies began selling to non-Indians almost immediately and it is primarily these blankets that survive. If a blanket has retained its label dating is quite simple.

Trade blankets have long been an integral part of Native American culture.

They’re used for clothing, bedding, warmth, ceremonial dances and gifts for important occasions.

Indians tended to use their blankets until there was virtually nothing left to use. I prefer my blankets in mint unused condition, but many quite astute collectors (a certain Mr. All the mills I’ve listed above were with the exception of Pendleton quit business long before 1942, so if you see their label you’ve found a vintage blanket .

Also, many Indians used blankets as burial robes and some tribes continue this practice today. Lauren comes to mind) prefer blankets that show years of very hard use. Since Pendleton blankets are still being produced they can be quite tricky for the uninitiated.

All Pendletons made after 1908 have square corners. Serious vintage blanket collectors seek pre-1942 blankets.

In 1942 all mills were converted to war use and no Indian blankets were made for the duration of the hostilities.

However, another weaving tradition began in the 18th century.

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