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In the Bible, I have read of miraculous healing and I believe that you still heal the same way today.

I believe that there is no illness you cannot heal after all the bible tells of you raising people from the dead so I ask for your healing in this situation.

Lord, your Word speaks promises of healing and restoration and I thank you for the miracles you still perform today. I believe in the healing power of faith and prayer and I ask you to begin your mighty work in the life of my friend. Forgive us for trying to fix our situations all on our own. Thank you that you are Able to do far more than we could ever imagine.

Please reach down and surround my friend with supernatural peace and strength and give her the faith to believe that all things are possible for you. Forgive us for running all different directions and spinning our wheels to find help, when true help and healing must be found first in You. We ask for your healing and grace to cover every broken place. Thank you for your Mighty Power that acts on behalf of your children.

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