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But then my client found out that he wanted to integrate Facebook instead. They promised me twice that they would solve the problem. I get sales mails from Jomsocial every second week. No want to get support for paid subscription users. 1.5 and it is regularly updated to support latest version of Joomla! In fact, we are usually the first to provide full compatibility with newest joomla version Pros: Clean code, fast and easy to configure Overall: The software is easy to install and to configure. Its very clean coded and also very easy to understand for the users. Pros: I was impressed to hear how Jomsocial uses automated testing consisting of over 5000 tests which run over 10 hours, to locate and fix bugs before releasing their software.

Software is slow with keeping itself updated with new Joomla updates. Some specific problems we had, the support during the 3 years was very very helpful and also very fast and friendly. All software companies should do the same if they care about quality software releases.

Even one of my clients asked whether it was not possible to make a common search for the whole site?

It has accessibility criterion on searching, sorting and visibility of the user information.

On the searched users, You can use email functionality also for Quick sending mail to individual user or to the whole group.

Uploading photos and editing profile is quick and easy.

I like how you can create groups and have private messages. Pros: Support is unavailable and some links to write to the company are broken. Overall: A lot of trouble Pros: Has all the features I need and want for my social network.

Overall: I have uninstalled it and am using another application by Jom Social on July 31, 2017 Hello Eugene Thanks for your review, however, there are few points that can lead other review readers to wrong information. Regarding support - we always had forum and ticket support. The company behind Jomsocial, i Joomla, has a number of impressive extensions for Joomla, a sign of a well managed organization.

While it is true that ticket section is closed, forums still remain fully functional and every customer can get support there. Another great thing about jomsocial is how you can make money by offering advertising on your site when you add the component they offer called Ad Agency.For a better product insight please check also our product documentation which describes in detail, all available features and settings of the extension.If any questions, don't hesitate to ask using the ticket system or our forum.that provide an assortment of functionalities typically associated with creating a social networking Web site.But still searching for specific elements in its interior is very scattered throughout the component – hence probably the idea to use the default search engine.Cons: A little slow at times but mostly works well. This is a maybe a fake company Cons: Give no money back! Between the pruchase no warning about refund policies Pros: Jomsocial works fine. Group controls are beneficial when control of comments and uploads is necessary.

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