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Wal-Mart says it's taking all confederate items of the shelf because it offends a few people. If not, what flags would it have flown and where can I find pictures? if you take it down Al Sharpton will come up with somethingelse its all about power and his people are trying get it one way or the otherand the white people ought to boycott wal mart that would change their mindsdon't give in to these whineing people leave the confederate flag flying the flagis beautyful When will people realize that a SYMBOL is not the object or idea that it may or may not represent to a person, group, nation, etc...? Just what, exactly, does someone consider "nuts" about this previous comment? What about the people that are offended because they do take it off the shelf? Wal-Mart stop being a cowered and political correct. Confederate History - Dispelling The Myths - Rulen ... When will people realize that a SYMBOL is not the object or idea that it may or may not represent to a person, group, nation, etc...? For instance, the Swastika is abhorred all over the world, but not if you are Hindu or if you happen to have grown up around the Hope indigenous peoples of America. Also, while we're on the subject of flags needing to go..not get rid of all of them? I don't need a flag to explain to me or anyone else who I am, where I reside, where I have come from, or where I am going. Singles around the world have found success on e Harmony because we introduce people who share common interests, core values and much more.

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During the civil war a little over 10% of southerners owned slaves, so I doubt that the people that carried the rebel flag into battle were fighting over the 10% right to own slaves. That flag has remained a symbol of the South and southern heritage, not hate. It is a symbol of the Sun that nourishes our bodies and minds and let's us live on this planet. It is also a symbol of prosperity and was once found in all kinds of advertising for medicines, food, etc.

The American Flag flew when rosa Parks was asked to sit at the back ... If all Confederate flag owners are racist, then what does that say about Muslims?

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