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Brothers James and Daniel Mc Mullen were members of the Confederate Cow Cavalry, driving Florida cattle to Georgia and the Carolinas to help sustain the war effort. Marston served in the 9th Florida Regiment as a part of the Appomattox Campaign. Otherwise the peninsula had virtually no significance during the war, and the war largely passed the area by.

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Even into the early years of the 20th century, West Hillsborough had no paved roads, and transportation posed a major challenge.

A trip to the county seat, across the bay in Tampa, was generally an overnight affair and the automobiles that existed on the peninsula at that time would frequently become bogged down in the muck after rainstorms.

Each year the council presents its Herman Goldner Award for Regional Leadership.

Tragedy struck on May 9, 1980, when the southbound span of the original Sunshine Skyway Bridge was struck by the freighter MV Summit Venture during a storm, sending over 1,200 feet (370 m) of the bridge plummeting into Tampa Bay.

Pioneer families like the Booths, the Coachmans, the Marstons, and the Mc Mullens established homesteads in the area in the years following, planting more citrus groves and raising cattle.

During the American Civil War, many residents fought for the Confederate States of America.Angry at what was perceived as neglect by the county government, residents of Pinellas began a push to secede from Hillsborough. Petersburg concert venue Jannus Live (formerly known as "Jannus Landing") memorializes the flight.They succeeded, and on January 1, 1912 Pinellas County came into being. The early 1920s saw the beginning of a land boom in much of Florida, including Pinellas.Others distilled moonshine in the County's still plentiful woods.As was the case in much of Florida, the Great Depression came early to Pinellas with the collapse of the real estate boom in 1926. The Vinoy Park Hotel was used as an Army training school.It was the longest automobile toll bridge in the world at the time.

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