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It’s also important to remember that there are pros and cons to being in a committed relationship.The spontaneity available to you as a single person is not to be taken for granted…We talk to him about his move from Southern England to the Costa Blanca and talk about the difficulties in meeting other people in Spain, particularly with a view towards relationships in Spain.

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You can spend your money as you like, live how you want, book last minute trips and plan solely according to what you want.

Perhaps this is a time in your life when it’s important to simply enjoy that freedom, lest you resent giving it up too quickly.

Try to let go of the idea that being single means you’re not successful.

It’s said a lot, but that’s because it’s true: You can’t truly love someone else until you’ve learned to love yourself.

Whether you want the freedom to casually date without commitment or want more literal exploration (e.g.

traveling the world), being single lets you have a taste of the many and varied experiences life has to offer. It also reduces the risk of you feeling resentful if or when you do decide that you want to leave the single life behind.People get the best Law of Attraction results when they vibrate on a frequency of authentic (rather than forced) excitement.It’s vital right now that nothing is holding you back from using The Law Of Attraction effectively! This opportunity includes: Katherine Hurst used to live a normal life until something happened and changed her life forever.Consequently, you may feel pressured to be in a relationship, even if you don’t really want to be in one or haven’t really found a suitable partner.The reality is that single people can thrive, be deeply charismatic and entirely unselfish all while staying single.When you struggle to manifest something that you want, like love, it is often because you’re still holding too much negative emotion about that thing.

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