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If things develop as a result of this holiday, then consider yourself blessed.

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Apply the usual online dating rules and make sure you give yourself enough time to get to know some of the women. Spending your precious time after you have landed will be, could be, frustrating.

After booking into a hotel, you will want some action.

Something else worth noting is that at least 40% of women in Costa Rica will openly admit that they prefer dating older men.

There are a number of reasons for this but the main one being stability.

What is it about beautiful Latino women that lift the typical male’s blood pressure?

Asian women have that look of mystery and sweet innocence about them but South American women always look like they are ready to be kissed and dare you to do so.The women of Costa Rica are the epitome of sexy, hot and gorgeous.Even the country itself has that ‘come and visit me’ look about it.There are significant cultural differences to overcome if you are going to meet and date a Costa Rican beauty.That philosophy applies to all interracial and mixed culture relationships, by the way.Beautiful scenery that includes beaches served by the Caribbean Sea and the South Pacific Ocean, volcanoes, jungle and wildlife other than the beautiful girls that inhabit the country make this a great place to visit and have fun.

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