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On a daily basis Clerk’s staff is indexing property records recorded prior to 1972 as time permits. Bevill took office have been funded from recording fees and not property taxes.In 2007 the OPR division of the Taylor County Clerk’s office went “paperless”.You can print copies of pages, but you can’t purchase certified copies on-line with

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Security is enhanced in that no original can be “lost in the mail” by a 3rd party such as the United States Postal Service.

Turnaround time from the moment a customer begins the e-recording process until the return of the processed document is usually less than one business day.

Since the 1980s county clerks have combined many of the records with the real property records to create what is now called, the Official Public Record of Taylor County.

Types of documents added are abstracts of judgments, assumed name certificates, state and federal tax liens, plats, occupational bonds, mechanics liens, livestock brands, state water permits, and the list goes on.

Customers utilize 3rd party software such as ERX, Simplifile and others to submit documents for recording.

Commonly called e-recording, (no paper is handled by Deputy Clerks) the process is all “inside” computer systems.

To date all records in the office have been digitized creating both a permanent back up of all the important records in the office and making those records available on public search terminals in the office. As of 2017, all property records from 1972 to the current date have been indexed.

All other records in the Official Public Record have been indexed back to the inception of the County in 1878!

The site has tools to help you quickly narrow your search results using filtering options for a quicker and better experience. We are very excited to begin offering this level of service on-line.

the second site and is the best site to use if you would like to set up an account where you can view and print multiple documents in the real property records over a longer time period for a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

You may contact them and sign up for e-recording at the Erxchange website.

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