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If you can accomplish this task, winning them back is easy - despite the fact that they've already started dating.

In most cases, your ex's new romance won't last a month... That being said, there are definite ways you can speed up the process of getting your ex back from someone else by pulling them back from their new relationship. Before making a single move, you should read the 8-Step Guide to getting your ex back when they're already dating.

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Just because he or she temporarily buried those feelings doesn't mean they don't exist. Any time an ex boyfriend or girlfriend exhibits one or more of the above behaviors, they're still not over the idea of dating you.

There are ways of nudging them in your direction, and speeding up the process of getting back together.

in ways that will make them both want and need you again.

Learning the best reinsertion techniques can make or break your attempt at winning back your ex boyfriend or girlfriend's heart. Only by following a series of deliberate steps can you work your way back into your ex's life again.

It is particularly difficult when we find we have feelings for a close friend, especially if they are a mutual friend of you and your partner.

Wherever this new person has popped up from, should you spill the beans or keep it to yourself?

At the same time however, don't let your ex string you along by playing both sides of the fence.

If things drag on for too long, you may not be offering a solid enough reason for your ex to come back.

By planning and visualizing your reconciliation, you can actually make it happen!

No matter how much you might think your ex has moved on, you have one distinct advantage over the person he or she is now dating: .

In some cases, giving your romance a second shot involves stealing your ex back from the new person they're dating.

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