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They were either forgotten or cleansed by the Romanovs' historians.

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Dating spanish word

The music of the Arabs gradually influenced the West.

Masters such as Bartok and Stravinsky composed works with detectable eastern or Arabic influences.

In Italy, the 'oud became il lulo, in Germany, lauge, in France, le luth, and in England, the ~u Ie.

As music became more complex, with the introduction of chord patterns in the thirteenth century, alterations in the technique of playing the 'oud as well as modifications in its construction were applied.

Similar is the point of view of the Russian chronicles: 'good Dmitry' and 'evil Mamai'.

When comparing Mahabharata to the Russian chronicles, we restored many details of the Russian Horde history preserved in the 'ancient' Aryan Epic, but lost in Russia.

The word 'oud comes from the Arabic word meaning wood. Pictures of 'oud-like instruments have been discovered on stone carvings in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. It was the Arabs, however, who perfected the 'oud, gave it its name, and passed it on to the western world.

The 'oud reached Europe during the Middle Ages to replace a plucked instrument, the giltern.

The western world inherited not only the structure and tabulation of Arab music but, also, many of its instruments.

The leading musical instrument in the Arab takhet (orchestra) is the 'oud.

and was finally completed only in the XVII-XVIII cc.

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