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However, Fleischmann absorbed the firm of Georg Staudt in 1928 and took over many of the Doll models in 1938.Explore the world of Antique Gas and Steam Engine Collectors, discuss Engine and Tractor Shows, find out how to restore an old engine to working condition, or buy engines and parts from the Engine Ads page. Pleasant Iowa North American Model Engineering Society Portland Indiana Rollag Minnesota Rough and Tumble Historical Association Zolfo Springs, Florida Tractor and Engine SHOW Calendar S u b - F o r u m s: Briggs & Stratton Technical Data Garden Tractors / Mowers / Scooters Antique Farm Tractors Maytag Engine Collectibles Antique Washing Machines Wisconsin Engines Auctions of Engines, Tractors and Old Iron Chain Saw Collectors Small Gasoline Engines For Sale Small Gasoline Engines Wanted e Bay Daily Engine Feed S u b - F o r u m s: Shows and Swap Meets Smoke Flames & Gas (Off Topic) Steam Engines and Parts on e Bay Auctions of Engines, Tractors and Old Iron Steam & Traction Equipment For Sale Steam Engines and Equipment Wanted Calendar Events Shows Swaps Auctions S u b - F o r u m s: Service Manual Scans Antique Steel Wheel Tractors - Old Iron Lugs and Cleats Vintage Construction Equipment Garden Tractors and Mowers Classified Ads Auctions of Engines, Tractors and Old Iron e Bay Daily Antique Tractor Feed S u b - F o r u m s: Onan Generators e Bay Daily Onan Feed Vintage Electrical Equipment Off Topic Discussion Kohler Generators e Bay Daily Kohler Feed Generac Generators (SEARS, etc.) Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Isuszu Generators Military MEP and Aircraft Gen-Sets e Bay Daily Military Generator Feed Solar and Wind Power for Home, Farm & Industry Vintage Diesel Engines Vintage Generators and Parts For Sale Vintage Generator and Lightplant Parts Wanted Welding Generators An energy source alternative to using fossil fuels.

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Emile Galle, (1846-1904) was a French designer of glass, furniture and jewellery and leader of the Nancy School in the applied arts.

He was undoubtedly the most outstanding of the French glassmakers of the late nineteenth century.

Born in Nancy, the son of the owner of a prosperous glass and faience factory, he studied botany, drawing and landscape painting and from 1862 to 1864, the techniques of glass production at Weimar Art School in Germany.

After further travels, study and work he returned to Nancy in 1873, and began to produce fine pottery, jewellery, and furniture in his own glass studio.

Learn about and understand the items, manufacturers, designers and periods as well as the specialist terms used in describing antiques and collectables.

Either click one of the letters below to list the items beginning with that letter, or click on a category on the left side of the screen to list the items under that category.Because of the popularity and high prices of Galle glass the field is attractive to copyists and forgers.If the item is not a genuine Galle piece, and the seller recognises this, the description will include terms such as "in the style of Galle", "bears the signature of Galle" or "in the style of Emile Galle".Model trains have been available since the beginning of the railroads, but... Unlike internal combustion engines that need high rpm's to develop full power, steam engines have full power at starting speed.This model steam engine operates the system on 2.5 to 30 psi of steam pressure. The beautifully detailed etchings are of framing quality and show the highest point of the technology.

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