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He devotes his spare time to discussions with his Florida pastor and reaching out to the sick and less fortunate. [quote]He is "too busy with football and life" for a girlfriend and "it's hard."That should have read:"too busy cruising truck stop gloryholes in search of anonymous cocksucking"Tebow is a deeply closeted man, whose self-loathing is made all the worse by his religion. How many of you belong to the Westboro Baptist Church, because you are acting like them. And only effeminates use the term "closet case." Seriously, have you EVER heard anyone non-eff say that?

The following video appears to be part of the same interview at R60, but notice the difference in the voice. It makes sense that the voice in R60 may have been altered because we can't find another post game interview that sounds quite like that.

Compare the video background and what he is wearing in both videos. It's unknown whether the hand movements were altered since the video at R66 doesn't cover the same moments as R60.

And, this morning the Today show played a portion of some locker room interview after last night's loss to the Pats, and Tebow was lisping all over the place. I can't hate the guy - he's so earnest and donates a lot of his money to help others - and I'm a Pats fan who could not stand the mention of Tebow.

I saw before last night's game where he pays for a kid with disabilities to go to a game no matter if Tebow is home or away and meets up with them before and after the game. There are so many people worthy of true hatred and Tebow is definitely not one of them.

He's much less guarded and careful than he is at other times as a result, caught up in the excitement of the moment.... I heard a clip from the press conference after the wildcard game OT win against the Steelers last Sunday and I thought that he sounded very gay.

But in other parts of that same press conference, not so much.The big deal is that blogs like are making a case that he may be gay based in part on the video at R60, and that video may be tainted.Here is how Cyd Zeigler Jr at Outsports analyzes the video at R60 for us:"But there’s more to the “Tim Tebow gay” speculation than just the religious aspect."Certainly there are many gay men who don’t fall into certain stereotypes; Stereotypes are by no means a de facto indicator of sexual orientation.See article at link, it's wordy and ridiculous, but essentially boils down to the author asserting that the Cannaanites suffered because Satan wanted to derail god's plan. Any way Tebow is over rated and I have the utmost respect for Christians who actually practice their religion rather than manipulating it to boost their ego.It's these sort of things that further my belief that the bible is nothing more than an elaborate work of science fiction. The video at R60 is real, but the voice appears to have been "adjusted." Or his lisping enhanced.His opinion is that anyone who doesn't like Tim Tebow must be evil and dead inside. According to an April 3, 2009, memorandum to Congress from the Congressional Research Service (CRS):[quote]Considering the history of the constitutional qualifications provision, the common use and meaning of the phrase "natural-born subject" in England and in the Colonies in the 1700s, the clause's apparent intent, the subsequent action of the first Congress in enacting the Naturalization Act of 1790 (expressly defining the term "natural born citizen" to include a person born abroad to parents who are United States citizens), as well as subsequent Supreme Court dicta, it appears that the most logical inferences would indicate that the phrase "natural born Citizen" would mean a person who is entitled to U. citizenship "at birth" or "by birth."It's not his opinion I care about r51.

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