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Nature explodes in Latvia at this time of year, with fresh new leaves uncurling on the trees, riotous blossoms racing across the countryside, and storks coming home to roost.Although the beer gardens are usually up and running by this time, hotel prices remain at off-season rates.Photo from the Bureau of Customs MANILA, Philippines – More balikbayan boxes will arrive in the country as the holiday season approaches, and the Bureau of Customs (BOC) is reminding senders not to push their luck when it comes to sending high-value items.

Latvia’s most important festivals and concerts take place in summer.

Although the largest festivals occur around Riga, almost in every Latvian town hosts local celebrations– see “Holidays in Latvia”.

However, keep in mind that Latvia is somewhat distant from the equator, so even summer nights can be quite chilly.

Rapid weather changes may also occur during the day.

People are sending in used clothing, home appliances, and items of the same kind that can well may be used for commercial purposes.

"Some people are alarmed why their boxes are delivered 'already tampered.' The Customs are allowed by law to do a 100% check of your boxes but if you think that there are items missing, you can report these to the proper authorities," he said.Also, a variety of music or art festivals and outdoor operas take place in romantic castle settings.For the opera, bring a bottle of wine and a sweater.In summer, the most popular destination for tourists and locals alike is Jurmala, a string of villages running along the sandy Baltic coastline nearest Riga.Trains and buses run from Riga to Jurmala regularly, and the trip takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.Black clouds can cover a sunny sky quickly, and rainy afternoons may turn into warm evenings.

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