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Dating Ad Network is the exclusive advertising network for the most demanding, high-profile dating-related websites with the most strict acceptance criteria in the industry.This guarantees the highest quality visitors for our members.

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You would cut and paste a simple code into your pages — this code would display banners of other members on your site.

Your banners are displayed on thousands of other dating and matchmaking websites around the world for free in exchange for advertising space on your sites.

The more pages you use and the more traffic you exchange, the more users will come to see your site. Login, click 'Sell Impressions' and sell your unused impressions.

The payment will be issued to you within two business days.

We do not welcome too suggestive, tasteless, obscene, confusing or offensive banners, but sometimes it is difficult to satisfy all of our exchange members.

Even if the banner has been approved previously, we will review it again to ensure that it falls within the guidelines for acceptable banner advertising.

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Dating Ad Network is a free and robust online advertising engine for companies and webmasters who run dating and singles matchmaking websites.

Dating Ad Network uses a state-of-the-art banner exchange system that offers a multitude of benefits, compared to other exchange services.

Our main focus is the rigid guidelines we use to keep our traffic acceptable.

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