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There are people you can turn to for help and who will listen to you and believe you.Everyone nowadays understands that mental abuse can be just as damaging as physical.Later this year, around my 30th birthday, I will give birth to my first child.

I even wake in the night and think about her in the hope she will invade my dreams. I couldn’t bear to be without her ever, so is it best that I enjoy this incredible friendship?

I couldn’t face losing her but perhaps my real destiny is to be a lesbian, if she doesn’t want me then maybe its time that I found my true-life partner in life? Holly, London Dear Holly I can’t tell you what you are feeling – only you know that.

Choosing between no father and an abusive one isn’t an option.

Love, support and a sense of family can be provided in many ways but abuse is never one of them.

But my worry is that you may not completely understand the various emotions that are bouncing about your body and brain right now.

Let’s start by focusing on the relationship you are actually in.

My husband is already threatening to beat our child if it is ever rude or naughty.

The thing is, what if when the baby comes, it all changes and he really loves the baby and me?

If you think your marriage is over then by all means end it, but I would strenuously advise you to take your girl crush out of the equation.

My worry is that your passion for this woman has blossomed precisely because you know it isn’t going to go anywhere.

It took me a while to recognise this as abuse and admit it to myself.

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