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In full working order, an early antique compass which measures 100mm diameter and 43mm deep with a weight of just under 350 grams. Watts & Son, London 1918, 118297' and stamped with the British Army War department arrow.

This is a WW1 Verner's pattern MK VIII prismatic marching compass dated 1918 with leather case. In very good condition all round, with a Mother of Pearl dial for low light reading, it has a gemstone bearing for reduced friction and there is a transit lock activated by lid closure.

You really can't get a more accurate compass, and this is perfect for anyone involved in outdoor pursuits who needs a precision compass.

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In good working order, this is a substantial instrument weighing nearly 1.6kgs.

This is an unusual arrangement of a brass bowl gimbal compass with a Singers Patent black & white dial, mounted in a purpose made rectangular mahogany case with dove tail joints.

The floating dial pivots on a gemstone bearing, has 32 cardinal and inter cardinal points with the outer edge marked in four 90 degree quadrants, and there is a distinctive Fleur de Lis crest denoting North.

In excellent condition all round, the card dial is clean with a glass cover free from any chips or cracks, and a dent free painted brass bowl.

This is an elegant early Victorian brass cased pocket compass dating to around 1840.

Although unsigned this compass is clearly a quality piece with a floating card dial which is surprisingly clean for an item well over 160 years old.The distinctive floating card dial pivots on a gemstone bearing and has the words ‘SINGER’S PATENT’ printed under the south point.The gimbal ring is mounted on a removable flat panel and the case has a sliding lid which has a small piece missing on one corner.A very impressive explorers brass cased compass made in France during the early part of the 19th century.Signed 'Buron Paris' the business was first established in 1788 by Buron and later carried on by his optician son from 1818 onwards who worked closely with Lerebours on landscape lenses for Daguerreotype cameras, and became a Knight of the Royal Order of the Legion d'Honneur in 1844.This black lacquered brass trough compass although unsigned was probably made for the British Military during WW1 and used by surveyors and artillery crew to accurately establish magnetic north.

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