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These are both pretty rough and unless you just enjoy fixing up old planes I would recommend finding something better to work on.

I chose these planes to show what can be done with a little elbow grease.

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Here again if you find a crack you will probably want to round up another to restore.

I would not spend the time and effort involved to fix up cracked plane.

The throat has a tiny imperfection, like a 1/32 I have pictured.

A pretty nice example that could be further cleaned up to be at least fine and a highlight of any Stanley tool collection. It is all original and has had nothing done to it beyond a lite clean. The J logo, Stanley in a notched rectangle dates this plane from after 1935.

This later #1 Stanley has the notched rectangle logo on the cutter and dates from after 1936.

There is no rust or pitting on the body and the original japanning is about 98% or so.

There are a few tool box type dings on the side walls as seen in the pics.

The lever cap has some stains, but no pitting or rust.

On the flipside, I would not buy a NOS in the original box plane for a user, let the collectors fight over those.

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