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Dante Lauro is very much a little slut in the bedroom, and he salivates over beautiful dark meat -- which Pheonix has between his legs.

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His energy to fuck matches Klim Gromov’s energy to take as much dick in his ass as possible.

But he has to share this time around, because Javi Velaro and Andrey Vic all submit to Manuel Skye’s bare cock.

Shawn isn’t shy about his desire to rough up Jackson; he slams the bottom up the ass.

And to spice it up, the guys bring out and share a double-headed dildo!

Manuel Skye and Ruslan Angelo are both very flexible and gymnastically inclined, so they show off just how flexible they can get during sex.

Ben Batemen is in the mood to use his big uncut cock on a tight hole, so he teams up with his Mexican buddy Alejandro Castillo to do just that.

And he is fucking Nick Capra, who could very much be Dylan’s daddy!

Nick loves taking and throwing around a boy for his own pleasure, but for the right guy he will give it up and take dick down his throat and up his ass, and that’s exactly what he does for Dylan James’ legendary cock!

Manuel Skye is the top daddy of Andy Star’s dreams.

He’s handsome, has an incredible body, and wields a huge rock-hard cock between his muscular thighs.

and Manuel’s cock eventually finds its way into Jackson, too!

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