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Statements like this (along with the focus on endorsers) makes the article look more like PR copy than a proper encyclopedia entry.

RLetson , 14 July 2006 (UTC) The big problem with the article timeline is the inference that the Washburn line is a continuous production from 1883 to the present.

Let your fingers play on the bound maple fingerboard atop the fast satin-finished mahogany neck - you won't want to stop!

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Cedar has long been used on rosewood guitars to bring out the natural warmth of the woods and to tame some of the instrument's natural brightness.

A rosewood bridge also provides full contact with the cedar top, capturing and transferring the full string vibrations of every note you play on this Grand Auditorium acoustic guitar, giving you absolutely astonishing sustain.

Grand Auditorium guitar is slightly smaller than Dreadnought acoustic guitar shape, it’s powerful sound & smaller shape making it attractive for guitarist who like playing for hours.

There's also afor when you need to plug in onstage.

poor grammar in Endorsers section could use a touch-up.

Big jump from 1883 to rock-star endorsers--which leaves out the four or five decades when Washburn was an important brand name and maintained factories in Chicago.We provide set-up for every guitars before we will display it or before overseas shipping (for on-line purchases).We do our best to ensure our clients received the Washburn guitars in fresh & correct condition.From guitars to mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, and more, Washburn has long been a recognized and cherished brand among musicians.Many of the biggest names in folk, blues, and rock 'n' roll have played these well-crafted, quality instruments.There's even a built-in tuner, so you'll be able to tune up and play your guitar no matter where you are.

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