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Cyberstalking and online harassment appear to have become a part of our culture, and without significant change, are not going away.Proactive protection of your identity and personal information is the best way to avoid online harassment and cyberstalking.

Over three years, 2.5 million cyberstalking cases were reported, but only 10 were prosecuted by the Justice Department.

It’s important to protect your information from falling into the wrong hands, so you don’t end up with an online harasser.

If you’re making a dating profile, selling something, or creating an online brand, using an email that’s separate from your personal account can give you flexibility and protection from online harassment.

You can also create a second phone number with Burner.

By giving out a Burner number instead of your personal digits, you have the power to get rid of a cyberstalker simply by deleting the number.

Burner is an app in your smartphone that’s simple to use.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1 in 4 stalking victims also report some form of cyberstalking.

That means that stalking in the real world transfers into cyberstalking 25% of the time.

Instead of giving out your personal phone number—which is difficult to change—give out a Burner number.

A Burner phone number can be burned anytime it’s compromised, and setting up an account is simple and inexpensive.

Protect your identity and information online to prevent a cyberstalker from getting ahold of your information in the first place.

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