redneckdatingsites com - Dating your wife while separated

We went to counseling for many months prior to the separation and it didn’t work.

I agreed to 3 years legal separation, so that she could get my health insurance, and then the divorce would be decreed.

I have gone through the process of grieving and loss and I am ready to move on.

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I love my husband very much despite feeling angry and abandoned.

We were each others best friends and I feel like he has betrayed me.

We have been together for 18 years and married for 10.

We started dating right out of high school and were very much in love. We always bickered about unimportant stuff and have had a very unbalanced relationship.

I have always been the bread winner and I think that has been hard on him.

We now own a company together with multiple offices.

As I’ve said before, there’s a difference between being ready to date and being ready for a relationship.

Women have a right to be wary if you just want to date for three months and move on.

And that’s the part, Pat, that I have to acknowledge on behalf of women.

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