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move in quicker than we are ready etc, just because it would take some financial pressure off. That becomes more important as you shift from being 'just' boy/girl friend to partners.

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They can penetrate trusts, companies, turn back transactions, and decided anything they like. Its the Judges choice, she can and will use factors like earning potential, kids, her hatred of men and anything else she can think up on the spot to award whatever percentage distribution of assets she feels like.

The “family” court has unprecedented powers to strip you of your assets. Have open and frank discussions about what you want from the relationship and discuss things honestly.

The point I'm making is to be honest with your partner and don't attempt to hide money from them.

Not every break up ends with a 80/20 split to the female. When you guys moved in together did you both know how much each other had in the bank etc?

Personally I wouldn't enter into any relationship unless my partner contributed to half of everything. My girlfriend is the primary income earner and contributes more towards anything financial.

I chip in as much as possible by also working whenever I can, doing the majority of house work, fix up all computer and vehicle related issues and some other stuff.As in buy a house and pay your mum the loan repayments etc so the house is technically your mums but you and your girlfriend live in it?Im not too sure if this will work, but get an ABN number and buy all of your assets through "your business" and that way it will make it harder for your girlfriend to get a share in your assets if you do break up.There isn't a lot you can do if the matter ends up in court.What you can do is go into a relationship with open eyes.I am actually thinking of putting some of my assets in a trust so that they are protected (however not sure if that will actually protect them).

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