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Though many of the people enjoyed their time at the canal, the ducks were not as pleased.

During the celebration one of the couples decided to bring croutons instead of breadcrumbs.

Local duck feeding residents did not notice any difference in the ducks behavior thinking the ducks were not that hungry.

The Beard Game Matters Facebook group about male facial hair grooming tips took a serious left turn and started trending when page participants started using it as an online dating hot spot.

Philadelphia Tribune digital reporter Eric Moody talks with the staff at Red's Creative Kutz about proper beard maintenance for Black men.

“Our losses are great, but out message is greater,” says duck croutons activist leader Mallard Luther King.

The ducks protested outside the student center for two hours.

Once word got out that bread could have flavor the ducks became outraged by this discovery.

“All these years we have been fed breadcrumbs time and time again. We have been getting short-changed for years,” says Brant Duck, a local canal resident.

“We have never had anything like this in Taylorville before.

We hope this will bring out more people to visit Taylorsville.” John and Kayla Raven were one of these couples that came to feed the ducks.

The ducks decided to begin a non-violent protest against people using breadcrumbs instead of croutons.

The ducks first began by refusing to eat the bread thrown to them.

The place is going to look spectacular and he's been having bitches come over to like [hang] and stuff," Reza told .

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