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Dates have blurred with interviews as she has asked single people across the nation about their experiences with dating, be it in New York City or a North Dakota town of 120 people.

Alicia sees part of her mission as to show “that dating doesn’t suck,” and maybe, just maybe, to be something of a “dating fairy” to people she encounters along the way.

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A friend, intrigued when I told him about the documentary, wanted to join us for a drink Sunday evening. She was there the whole time.”Indeed, the most significant relationship that developed during the course of the film seems to have been the friendship between the two women, which Alicia called a “life-changing experience.”Megan was getting tired, which Alicia immediately noticed—the familiarity bred from spending so much time together was evident—and we said our goodbyes, complete with hugs and promises to keep in touch. There was still half a pitcher on our table, so my friend and I sat back down. But they added that they thought my friend was quite a catch, in the way only other people can talk about someone you’ve known for years.

In the calm before the Folk Fest storm, the Alaskan was nearly empty, but there was the requisite dog running around, and someone was even sharing fresh herring eggs from Sitka. We talked about their project, about dating in Juneau, and about being in social situations where you’ve been romantically involved with half of the room. You can learn more about the “50/50” project and read blog posts from the trip at • Katie Spielberger writes from Juneau.

Like offline dating, Juneau offers a pretty small pool compared to larger cities.

And as in offline dating—you know, like trying to dance with people during Folk Fest, or making sure you sit next to the cute friend-of-a-friend at a dinner party—when someone new and interesting shows up online, you’ll probably notice and want to make a move.

She’s spent two-and-a-half months exploring dating, relationships, and “what happens when strangers collide” on a road trip with Alicia Ostarello, who has gone on at least one “first date” in each of 49 states (Hawaii is the last stop). The project began when Alicia, a 30-year-old writer from Oakland, Calif., decided she needed to “get out of Dodge” in the aftermath of a breakup.

She wanted to leave everything behind and feel better about herself, and her idea for doing so was to go on a date in every state.I met the pair last weekend, when they spent two days in Juneau collecting dates from their 49th state.Actually, I first met Alicia the way she has met most of her dates around the country: on an online dating website.Her friend Noah Veneklasen heard about this, signed up as executive producer, and drafted Megan as both line producer and Alicia’s road trip companion.Alicia is the protagonist, but the project isn’t only about her love life.”“I think that would have worked if we’d done all small cities,” Megan said.

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