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They are also, I am told by dozens of industry movers and shakers who asked not to be identified for this piece, among the most odd, unyielding and incomprehensible people ever to participate in a sport that's been around for more than 100 years.So having endured their success for decades, many horsemen and horsewomen--owners, breeders, trainers, drivers, trackmen alike--now are left wondering whether the Brooks family's demise in racing is nigh.Pocaro emailed back to say that while he was an "advisor," he had not been "asked to represent any of the Brooks' family members in Canada or with the USTA" so "it would be inappropriate for me to comment. Normally I would."But Pocaro was willing to give me a general quote "as a horse attorney." And in that capacity alone, he wrote that he considered "the Brooks' family suspension detrimental to racing, both short and long term. The Brooks' horses produced record earnings for a stable last year, with many of the horses being made the public's betting favorite.

This past year, for example, Team Brooks won more than $12.5 million--nearly three times more than their closest competitor.

The Brooks Brothers (and family) also own some of the best broodmares in the business and several fashionable sires.

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At some point in this timeline (it's still unclear but evidently under investigation) David Brooks allegedly transferred some or all of his ownership interests in the horses to his brother.

Jeffrey Brooks in turn, more recently, has attempted to transfer some of those racing interests to other family members.

First, the Ontario Racing Commission, from Canada's dominant harness racing jurisdiction, announced that Jeffrey Brooks, and the horse-business he and/or his family operate(d) as Perfect World Enterprise and Bulletproof Enterprises, have had their racing licenses suspended.

"All racetracks," the stark decision reads, "are ordered to hold, freeze and maintain all funds, purse accounts or monies related to" the Brooks Brothers' enterprise pending completion of the ORC's investigation.

At Ohio's only harness track now in operation Brooks' horses were scratched Saturday. Many folks in harness racing told me privately that they wouldn't shed a tear if the Brooks Brothers were forced out of their sport.

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