David broomhead dating in the dark

After completing the round thirty years ago, David Holmes tried to find a similar challenge back home in Sheffield.“I wanted to exploit what I felt at the time was Sheffield’s under-celebrated cheek-by-jowl co-existence with the Peak District,” he said.

David rejected a circuit around the city boundary when he realised the passable route would approach 100 miles and include several unappealing urban features.“Picking your way round the edge of Blackburn Meadows sewage works would hardly be comparable to cresting Scafell Pike or Great Gable,” he said.

Dave Markham was then the head teacher of Loxley (the school) and joined the project enthusiastically, little realising he’d still be doling out tea and cake to freezing fell runners a generation later.“An increasing number of people are enjoying engaging with the beautiful landscape around Sheffield, which I think is good for the soul,” Dave said, as the runners squelched in for brunch after already completing a swampy marathon.“I’ve done ultramarathons where you’re just on roads, trails or tracks, but there are bits up there where you’re just picking your way through bogs,” said Loxley (the runner).

It's going to be a long year for Tim Broomhead,' one viewer posted to social media, referring to a picture of his badly injured leg. He was injured when his right ankle crippled beneath his weight as he was tackled soon after gaining possession of the football.

Scully was also left screaming in agony as team doctors and physios assessed the gruesome injury on-field.'Two sickening injuries that will make your stomach turn.

Lye was also known for his experimental film work where he pioneered direct filmmaking (films made without a camera) by scratching or painting directly onto celluloid film.

This exhibition features the signature Lye film 1950, which was commissioned by the UN to publicise United Nations Day (24th October) and screened worldwide in cinemas and on television.

A day of carnage at the Melbourne Cricket Ground has left two star AFL players with devastating, season ending injuries.

The leg of Collingwood midfielder Tim Broomhead was snapped in two on Saturday afternoon after his leg collided with a goal post.

Thirty runners ticked off some of the route (helped by a half dozen support crew), with eight completing the full 48 miles including the heroic Tom Saville who sped in at just under ten hours.“The Bradfield parish is England’s biggest, and it spans the amazing geography of our unique Outdoor City,” said David Holmes.

“Where else could you set off running past a tram stop, and then three hours later be fighting gale force winds and swollen streams in a snow-covered moorland wilderness?

Fellow spaghetti stirrer Dave Markham was one of the inaugural Bradfield Boundary runners 23 years ago, and remembers the conditions fondly.“It’s like going through black porridge, and at other times it’s like walking through broken windowpanes, when you go through the crust of ice into a dark thick nasty liquid and it cuts your shins.

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