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Even less prestigious projects, such as the soapy CBS miniseries Master of the Game, get the full Hamlin treatment.

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It is the curse of Harry Hamlin’s acting career that the one role he did not research in his usual exhaustive style is the performance he will never live down.

The movie was the Greek-myth and special-effects epic Clash of the Titans, the co-star, statuesque Ursula Andress, and the big moment, off-camera.

Beaver Lake State Park recently marked its 80th anniversary and is the second oldest park in the state system.

During the summer the lake provides opportunities for boating, canoeing, water skiing, fishing and swimming.

He read everything he could find about mobsters and the Depression and rented a VCR to watch old Jimmy Cagney gangster movies.

He even visited a factory manufacturing artificial legs.

“He critiques his papa after each one,” says Harry, smiling.

To be near his boy whenever possible, the devoted dad maintains a bachelor bungalow in L. Harry’s future, however, is most likely in New York, where he hopes for a stage career portraying “ethnic, real people.

Scott in Movie Movie, Harry decided to forego the Fulbright.

“There is a point when you have to stop adding to your résumé” he says. Had he followed the Bard, Hamlin might not have had a chance to show off his toga-clad torso in his second film, Clash of the Titans, which he found preposterous.

Harry as Perseus and Ursula as Aphrodite fell madly in love in 1979 and soon produced a baby boy, Dimitri, now almost 4.

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