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-31, PDF [718.5KB*]Barry, James A., "Bridging the Intelligence-Policy Divide", Stud. V37:3-1-8 (1994) PDF [2.5MB*]Barry, James A., "Managing Covert Political Action", Stud. V36:5-19-31 (1992) PDF [1.8MB*]"Basic Psychology for Intelligence Analysts" by Charles D. Written in 1971, but timeless in its humorous insights. "Beaumarchais and the American Revolution" by Streeter Bass, Stud. V14:1-1-18 (Spring 1970) PDF [831.3KB*]Describes Pierre Beaumarchais' moral, financial, and logistical support to the American Revolution, organizing arms shipments and stimulating French government support for the rebels.

V15:1-109-114 (Winter 1971) PDF [289.2KB*]The games analysts, bosses, editors, and coordinators play, how to recognize and counter them. "Bayesian Analysis for Intelligence: Some Focus on the Middle East" by Nicholas Schweitzer, Stud. V20:2-31-44 (Summer 1976) PDF [756.6KB*]The article describes Bayesian analysis, using the Delphi (expert) technique and applying it to calculating the probabilities that a war will break out between Israel and Arab states within the next 30 days. V7:1-A1-A24 (Winter 1963) PDF [1.3MB*]A distinguished economist recalls how analysts of the OSS R&A Branch developed, in close cooperation with operations officers, a comprehensive program for evaluating bombing targets.

V36:5-105-109 (1992) PDF [691.5KB*]State Department sent first coded message in 1866, soon after the completion of the trans-Atlantic cable. 2:4-1-9 (October 2003) PDF [30 KB*]"The Anatomy of Counterintelligence" by A.

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It presents a report of a perilous journey between Allied camps by Detachment Chief Carl Eifler.

-79, PDF [1.6MB*]Offered as a tribute to OSS Detachment 101, which operated behind enemy lines from 1942-1945.

V37:5-71-79 (1994) PDF [1.3MB*]Colorful personal account of the Office of Strategic Services (including its origins as Coordinator of Information and its dispersal after World War II).

J., "The Exploitation of Russian Scientific Literature for Intelligence Purposes", Stud. V2:3-45-48 (Summer 1958) PDF [280KB*]Barathy, Frederick D., "Cover; Property Restitution", Stud. V5:2-39-43 (Summer 1961) PDF [229KB*]Barrett, David M., "Congress, the CIA, and Guatemala, 1954", Stud. Bass, Streeter, "Beaumarchais and the American Revolution", Stud. V14:1-1-18 (Spring 1970) PDF [831.3KB*]Bass, Streeter, "Nathan Hale's Mission", Stud. V17:4-67-74 (Winter 1973) PDF [532.7KB*]The Bay of Pigs by Haynes Johnson with Manuel Artime and others. Becker, Joseph, "Comparative Survey of Soviet and US Access to Published Information", Stud. V1:4-35-46 (Fall 1957) PDF [551KB*]Becker, Joseph, "The Computer: Capabilities, Prospects and Implications", Stud. V4:4-63-75 (Fall 1960) PDF [716KB*]"The Beginnings of Air Targeting" by W.

"American Intelligence and the Tricentennial" by Lt.

V8.-86 (Fall 1964) PDF [76KB*]Allen, Edward L., "Industrial Planning in the US and the USSR", Stud. V1:4-27-34 (Fall 1957) PDF [406KB*]Allen, Edward L., "The Validity of Soviet Economic Statistics", Stud. V4:3-1-8 (Summer 1960) PDF [413KB*]Allen, Robert Loring, "The Role of Interindustry Studies in Economic Intelligence", Stud. V1:4-97-117 (Fall 1957) PDF [1.3MB*]"Allen Welsh Dulles: 1893-1969" by Sherman Kent, Stud. V13:2-1-2 (Spring 1969) PDF [104.4KB*]Appreciation of the intelligence career of DCI Dulles, with reference to his attention to analysis. "The American Joint Intelligence Committee and Estimates of the Soviet Union, 1945-1947" by Larry A. He also briefly describes nine intelligence successes. Summer 2000, No -80 PDF [1.4MB*]British academic's study of the origins, politics, and accomplishments of an estimative intelligence arm set up by the military, partly to block the civilian-controlled Coordinator of Intelligence (COI, later OSS), from engaging in analysis of military threats and prospects. V20:3-1-7 (Fall 1976) PDF [410.6KB*]The Director of DIA shares some of his concerns about the problems facing US intelligence in the mid-1970s. Amory, Robert Jr., "John Andre: Case Officer", Stud. V5:3-A1-A15 (Summer 1961) PDF [782KB*]"Analytic Professionalism and the Policymaking Process: Q&A on a Challenging Relationship" by Jack Davis, Kent Cen. Book review of Kontact med England (1940-1943) and Hemmelig Alliance (1943-1945) by Jorgen Haestrup, Stud. Book review of "The Panther's Feast" by Robert Asprey, Stud. V8:4-11-20 (Fall 1964) PDF [532KB*]A senior economic analyst shows how inaccurate national statistics can be and suggests how analysts should handle them.

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