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With positive portrayals of black characters and family-friendly--but decidedly not boring--themes, the film appealed to a broad audience, and gave rise to numerous spin-offs.

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but the subject matter is just as universal, and features an engaging cast that counts Perry among its members.

Four couples who have been friends since college take a therapeutic getaway to a Colorado bungalow, where they plan to take stock of their relationships.

Jacob Tate has seen his fair share of death, and now he's looking to get out of the game. When Santa Claus fails to bring 10-year-old Abigail (Brianna Dufrene) the gift she so kindly requested in a letter to the North Pole, the scheming young girl decides to abduct jolly old St. Two married relationship experts find that their own relationship is in trouble but they keep up a happy facade in front of their family and friends. Matthews, Richard Timothy Jones, Tempestt Bledsoe, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Jo D.

When their carefully constructed cover is blown they must determine whether or not their marriage is worth saving.

RUCKER: (Laughs.) I'm taking my time on all of that and the application process is still open.

When I am ready it will take a woman who knows who she is.

When it comes to marriage and relationships, there is always a new adventure.

Sheriff Troy will show an interesting side of himself and people will see his layers. " did so well because it gave some real perspective on the realities of love. COM: Does playing these married men have this Do Right Man ready to settle down?

Denise [Boutte], who plays my wife, is actually married and it's fun to hear her take on things as a married woman.

I'm mature and have been in enough serious relationships to know what they take, so this reinforces what I know. RUCKER: I've seen a draft of the script and everyone is going to love this one!

I know what a challenge that can be and the dynamic of being one of the people in your family who has had the privilege to go off to school. COM: After playing a married man, what insight have you gained that would make great advice for Will?

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