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In my November of 2009 article, I said, “Despite all the usual Catholic trappings — chapel, statues, rosaries and religious bookstore, not to mention the throngs from across the country and globe — the purported visions by Maureen Sweeney-Kyle have been condemned.” Although the word “condemned” is the old term for a private revelation that received the “” judgment and my readers may have been better served by my simply reporting what the bishop said, the point remains: The conclusion of the bishop’s evaluation is that if there are any apparitions going on there, they .

Actual apparitions (as distinguished from hallucinations or other psychological phenomena) can only be from one of two sources: God (supernatural) or an influence of the devil (demonic, preternatural).

I am writing again about Holy Love because some followers contacted me regarding my article of 11/20/09 (reproduced below), “Proclamation on Holy Love Will Test Hearts and Obedience”. emailed me last summer and we had a back and forth debate on the authenticity of the apparitions.

The bishop has an obligation to pastor his people and protect and nourish their faith.

As the pastor of the Diocese of Cleveland his oversight certainly includes what is identified as “ecumenical” in that the faithful of the diocese cannot be encouraged or permitted to participate in any group or organization whose beliefs or practices contradict the teachings of the Church in faith and morals.

and having reviewed the theological content of the alleged apparitions to Maureen Sweeney-Kyle and having consulted an expert in this matter, I …

declare that the alleged apparitions and locations …

At that point, Holy Love Ministries took an “ecumenical” approach.

Yet, as an ecumenical ministry it found time and space in many of its printed materials to rail against the Church. Before I wrote my original article on Holy Love, I had called and talked with someone from the ministry.

I asked why the Blessed Mother would be operating outside the Church.

He told me of local corruption of the priests and said, “What else could we do? What of the many miracles and increased devotion so many experienced at apparitions site not approved by the Church?

When in the history of the Catholic Church has the Blessed Mother operated outside the Church?

When has Jesus rejected His own authority — that of the Catholic Church?

We are sorry that the bishop has taken this position.

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