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Register your business and acquire the necessary licenses for shipping by air and sea.

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Operating a sea and air cargo company involves the act of transporting different kinds of consignments from a specific place of origin to an international or local destination.

This business is also more commonly known as freight forwarding.

A proficient cargo forwarder should have extensive knowledge of international law, trade theories and practices and the financial aspects of trading.

You must also understand foreign markets, shipping methods, insurance coverage, documentation, customs regulations and warehousing.

The cargo forwarder also takes charge of consolidating small deliveries into one bulk shipment.

The cargo operator utilizes aircraft or ocean vessels to convey these goods to the chosen destination. It is a complicated market that is full of various parameters and procedures.

Types of cargo aircraft include the Airbus A300, Boeing 707, Casa 212 and Merlin 4 A.

You may also choose to lease an airplane instead of buying one.

When products cross borders, factors such as fulfillment speed, inventory costs, and compliance get more complicated.

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