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She definitely told him to stop and pushed away.' These photos come just days after Franken was thrown into the spotlight by former Playboy model and radio host Leann Tweeden.

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"It's like Lent if we all gave up reality," he said. Trump's startling victory last fall has been a boon for comics across the country, but Maher, who routinely calls the president a "whiny little bitch," got there early.

After noting that some people were disappointed with the president's lack of accomplishments, he paused before his punchline. In 2013, he mocked Trump's birtherism by offering $5 million if Trump could prove that he wasn't the love child of an orange-haired orangutan.

The 33-year-old said that while they posed he put his hand 'wrapped tightly around my butt cheek.'Franken has said that he is launching and will fully cooperate into an ethics investigation, but will not step down from his position.

He asked if there were any conservatives in the audience, which skewed white and rowdy.

She claims he forcibly kissed her during a 2006 USO Tour and then groped her in her sleep.

Franken apologized profusely to Tweeden, but also said he didn't remember the kiss, which allegedly happened while they were practicing for a comedy routine, 'in the same way.' On Monday a second woman, Lindsay Menz, came forward to say that Franken grabbed her in 2010 while they took a photo together at the Minnesota State Fair.

When Sasse extended an invitation to come work in Nebraska's fields, Maher playacted surprise and said, "I'm a house nigger." Whereas the Pocahontas remark prompted another round of an ancient Internet dispute—whether Maher is a misogynist, a dick, or a fearless political savant—the comment to Sasse sparked universal outrage.

HBO called it "completely inexcusable and tasteless," and many clamored for Maher to be fired. The night Maher spoke to Warren, Rob Reiner, a panelist, waited outside Maher's dressing room after the show to say goodbye.

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Arthur Agatston's new book "The South Beach Heart Plan".

This setup sometimes leads to what can feel, in the moment, like a random car wreck, but Maher's been doing comedy for forty years.

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