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Despite my obsession with the ridiculous I will approach all subjects with the utmost professionalism and care.I also have a Master's in Architecture, so anything architecture, sustainable architecture, historic preservation, futuristic architecture, urban design, etc.I wasn’t shocked people would be upset, but I was a bit taken aback by the visceral, foul-mouthed comments from God-fearing Mormons.

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, Lala Kent is being confronted over her relationship with an allegedly married boyfriend.

Fellow cast member Katie states on the premiere that she is good friend’s with Lala’s boyfriend’s wife and that he also has kids.

He survived that war unscathed and died in Britain in July 1966 aged 81.

German pilots made it a habit to find their victims, dead or alive.

The Kaiser gave him two weeks’ compassionate leave, including two days travelling in each direction by boat and train, on the proviso Capt Campbell gave his word as a British Army officer that he would return.

Capt Campbell reached his mother’s bedside in Gravesend, Kent, on November 7 and spent a week with her before keeping his promise and returning to Germany.He said of Capt Campbell’s amazing story: ‘I think it is such a unique example that I don’t think you can draw any parallels.In my experience, this is a one-off and is one of those things that just tickles your fancy.’ Historic: This document shows how he was allowed to return to his family home in Gravesend Kent in November 1916 and spent a week with his cancer-stricken mother - then went back to prison for the final two years of war However, he rejoined his regiment in 1939 on the outbreak of the Second World War, serving as the Chief Observer of the Royal Observer Corps on the Isle of Wight.Katie also reveals this news to VP big wig Lisa Vanderpump on the show.And, tonight, Katie confronts Lala about the allegations in a sit down discussion. Seems like they were doing the same to Schaena a few seasons back and now they are all cool with her because she’s not a threat.UPDATE 8/04/17: Looks like Kristina Schulman hooks up with Dean Unglert on Bi P Season 4 of Dean Unglert Kristina Schulman Does Jef Holm have a girlfriend?

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