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The app has one URL, is used by the i OS code to fetch the current state.The web UI uses Knockout to create a model of the simulator data.

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I’m very interested to hear people’s thoughts and opinions on this approach, is this something you could see yourself using? I am Technology Director at Scott Logic and am a prolific technical author, blogger and speaker on a range of technologies.

The code is all on Git Hub, where you can find the i OS simulation code, and the server that simulates the input data. My blog includes posts on a wide range of topics, including HTML5 / Java Script and data visualisation with D3 and d3fc.

This blog post looks at how to simulate accelerometer and location data so that you can test i OS apps without the need for a physical device.

The simulated data is provided by an interactive UI which allows you to rotate the phone and mark paths on a map which can then be replayed.

So far this blog post has shown that a liberal dose of swizzling can be used to inject faked motion and location data into an i OS app. I decided that the most flexible approach was to provide data in JSON format via a local web-server.

The i OS app polls a localhost address requesting data 10 times a second.

Applications receive notifications of location change via the is called on the location manager, providing the default behaviour.

To make use of the above I created a simple singleton that holds references to location manager instances.

Instead I’ll give a very brief overview of the app structure.

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