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The social media giant said this week that it has added “disability” to a list of protected groups on its abuse and harassment reporting page. Apple Throws Support Behind Disability Emojis Disability Scoop Apple's move comes nearly two years after the London-based disability advocacy group Scope introduced a series of 18 emojis depicting people with various disabilities that are available for download. Meanwhile, it's uncommon for individuals to seek to have their rights restored once they have been placed under someone else's care.

Scope said it hoped that releasing the icons would encourage the Unicode Consortium to incorporate ... A disabled man claimed he was told to get out of his seat at a Northeast D. Access Center holds first symposium on disability awareness The Daily Evergreen The WSU Access Center will host a two-day Disability Awareness Symposium today and Thursday to address issues regarding disabilities on campus.

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One group of people struggled to attend those marches, though: the disability community, which reported ... BBC News Stephen Hawking was both one of the world's most famous scientists and most famous disabled people.

His life was a juxtaposition of sparkling intellect and failing body.

Also, many carriers allow guide dogs on board free of charge for passengers who are visually-impaired (as long as you make a ...

Twitter Adds Disability To Abuse Reporting Options Disability Scoop Responding to user requests, Twitter is updating its platform to explicitly allow reporting of abusive or harassing tweets targeting people with disabilities. Federal Report Calls For Alternatives To Guardianship Disability Scoop Most states require courts to consider less restrictive alternatives before turning to guardianship, the National Council on Disability said, but that rarely happens.

Prof Hawking was diagnosed with a rare form of motor neurone disease when he was 22. Concerns Raised As Disability Panels Fail To Meet Under Trump Disability Scoop The three panels — The President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities; The National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research Advisory Committee; and the Interagency Committee on Disability Research — typically meet quarterly or several times a year, but ...

Hawking won the world’s respect – and gave disabled people like me hope The Guardian There are hardly any statues of disabled leaders, no great lives with chronic disability documented in the history books.A recent Cooper Center report provides detail on the demographic, social, and economic characteristics of working-age Virginians with disabilities.—Rebecca Tippett is a Research Associate at the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service where she studies household economic well-being and produces population estimates and projections.Author Nicola Griffith and founder of the Disability Visibility Project Alice Wong will be hosting the fourth #Crip Lit twitter chat on Sunday, December 4 to discuss issues important to disabled writers of all types.Every year individuals the board serves, family members, and stakeholders rally together at the Ohio State House to make ...Disability Pride Student Expo challenges popular notions of normalcy Duke Chronicle These three questions were at the heart of the Disability Pride Student Expo, held last Wednesday at Smith Warehouse as part of the Duke Disability Alliance's Disability Pride Week.Instead of a pyramid, Virginia’s non-disabled population distribution is more rectangular, reflecting both the influx of working-age migrants to Virginia and the large cohort of Baby Boomers.

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