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The days aren’t numbered, so you can just fill them in to match each year, making it reusable—forever!

Each month has a ‘theme’ and is loaded with fun ideas to strengthen your relationship.

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On Sunday’s show, the star was taken to see Daniel in action in the race track, and she admitted that she was enjoying his ability to drive – as some of her exes couldn’t.

Can you remember today’s date without looking at your phone? Somehow Tuesdays blur into Wednesdays and every Thursday feels like it’s Monday again. It’s true what they say, “The days are long, but the years are short.” I needed a way to keep myself straight.

Gutted, Laurence said a sad "Au Revoir" before handing an unsuspecting lady the flowers and chocolates.

Laurence then called the show's dating experts Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman and they were shocked to hear Gemma had stood him up at the station.

You really need to use thick paper to make this work right because twelve sheets of regular paper are really hard to glue together!

The paper cutter will give you clean, straight lines so it’s definitely quicker and easier but it’s still doable and easy enough with good, old-fashioned scissors.

Write in the dates for each month using a permanent pen or marker that won’t bleed.

Stack the months in order (and don’t leave out January—oops! Tap them, top-side down, on a table to get the tops perfectly even and then use two clothespins to hold it all together.

GEMMA Collins still appears to have her Celebs Go Dating lover Laurence under her thumb after she shared a funny video of him packing her suitcase.

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