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The dynamic update client registers an address resource record (A RR). the DHCP server can be configured to instruct the client to allow the server to register both records with the DNS.

Statically configured (non-DHCP) clients register both the A RR and the PTR RR with the DNS server themselves.

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If your really worried about your primary server going down for some reason, then, I would recommend setting up a second Domain Controller that runs DNS to use as a secondary DNS server.

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When i ping the new laptop (PC1) i am directed to the original ip of the first laptop ( IP When I looked at my new laptop I saw that the IP is and DHCP shows the same in the lease list I can ping the IP but when trying to resolve the name(PC1), it still points to the old original laptop's IP of When I opened my DNS, i saw that PC1's record is listed and the IP still points to Can I delete the record in the DNS server's dns list (PC1) and run ipconfig /registerdns on the new laptop to have the new dns record be registered on the server?

The new laptop does show in the event log that the DNS server does not allow the laptop to register the record (because there's an existing record?

If they're being assigned ISP DNS servers from the router when they get their ip addresses from the router then they're going to try to register/update their A records with those ISP DNS servers.

A network capture of traffic exiting your network will probably confirm that.Hello Experts, I am working on a new installation and am having touble getting the reverse lookup zone PTR records to update in DHCP.When I installed active directory, I checked the option to install DNS but noticed that it did not create a "reverse lookup zone" so I created the zone afterward.This can have adverse affects with regards to the proper running of your network.Second, if your server goes down I would assume that your users inability to get to the internet would be the least of your worries, especially since this is a Domain Controller.I've stumbled upon a strange behaviour with Windows machines, which seems to be fairly consistent between all Windows versions from Vista/2008 to 8.1/2012 R2; it doesn't happen instead when using Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

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